Hip-Hop Baby and a Stuffed Penguin in the Bathroom.

Well slap my wrists and tell me I’ve been a bad’n. I’ve been away for my blog for quite some time now and for this I apologise. But I have an awesome excuse: I was busy making a baby. What can I say? Mini-us is on the way in May! I thank you.


I’m sure Mini is already rocking the beginnings of an afro and was definitely busting some serious hip-hop moves in there during the scan. He/she obviously takes after his/her proud father who, when telling folks we’re expecting, promptly follows the felicitations, back slaps and hand shakes with: “I did it myself”.

The girls are over the moon too and are already listing possible baby names: Joseph if it’s a boy and Mary if it’s a girl are top of this week’s list. They’ve obviously got Christmas on the brain already.

Meanwhile, my new-found status of Mummy-to-be meant I found myself in London yesterday, on a photo shoot for Pregnancy and Birth Magazine. I’ll write more when the piece itself comes out in Jan/Feb but you might like to take a look at the wonderful blog of Hannah Jeeves (@theREALjeevesy), a lovely fellow preggers lady with THE best due date (12.12.12!) who has written about her experience of the same day here.

But what I have mention now is the bizarre but gorgeous house we were in for the shoot. Wow. I was gleaning interior ideas left, right and centre but my two daring favourites were the reupholstered patchwork chair and the stuffed penguin in the bathroom – surely every home should have one?! I feel a sewing machine purchase and a trip to the local zoo coming on.

Image   Image

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