Silly Mummy

Since the birth of Baby Girl in May, I’ve found myself saying a few odd things as I introduce her to the world around us. So before she starts coming out with her own cute quotables, I thought I’d jot down my own nonsense for posterity:

  • Upon seeing her stare at my ‘Yorkshire’ tea towel for ten minutes “That’s a tea-towel. It’s from Yorkshire, where Mummy’s from. Daddy’s from Congo. We don’t have any tea towels from Congo.”
  • “This vest has Winnie the Pooh on it. We like Winnie the Pooh. We don’t rate his spelling, though.”
  • Introducing her to the contents of the fridge: “This is an egg.” She reaches for it to suck it. “No we don’t suck it, it’s come out of a chicken’s bottom.”
  • Singing along to her Jumperoo: “Froggy went a-courtin’ he did ride ah-em… Froggy went a-courtin’ he did ride with sword and pistol by is side… Froggy was a violent boyfriend wasn’t he?”
  • “I know you prefer to be naked but being clothed is more socially acceptable”.

And there’ll be more, I’m sure. What nonsense have you found yourself saying to your newborn?

2 thoughts on “Silly Mummy

  1. Maria Ashworth says:

    I really have enjoyed looking through your blog. Great pics.
    I have been a step-parent for eight years now to five children, plus I have two of my own. Manning a blended family is no easy task. But what about the children?

    Eight years back, my daughter had a tough time sharing her existing family with step-siblings, especially them being boys. That prompted me to write a picture book, STEP ONE, STEP TWO, STEP THREE AND FOUR which will be out before the New Year.

    I’m writing to you to see if you’d be interested in possibly two ideas. To read the manuscript, and if you found it helpful, adding the link to your blog. Also, I’d appreciate if after reading it you could write a simple one or two endorsement review of the book’s worth to step-families who need something to make the transition easier. If the above isn’t doable I’d appreciate an interview to your blog/website. While I know I’m not a well-known author as some, I know this book will be helpful to so many children struggling to adjust to a new life situation.

    Below is a brief synopsis of the book:
    This only child loves her family of two. Yet, her mother is about to turn everything upside-down when she announces she’s getting married. To the child’s dismay, their family “will include a few more, STEP ONE,
    AND FOUR.” The little girl does everything possible to keep this event from happening. See if she eventually comes to realize there are some benefits to her new blended family.

    This rhythmic picture book was nominated as a finalist in the picture book category for the 2012 National Association of Elementary School Principals contest. Children ages 4 to 8 will be connected and entertained with the Suessical narrative feel. This story takes a more whimsical approach to a child’s life altering event, and looks at the positive aspects of having a growing family.

    Please don’t hesitate to look at my social platform. If you have any questions I’d be happy to answer them. I’d relish in the possibility of you promoting my book.

    All my best,
    Maria Ashworth

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