Meet the Family

I avoid using the names of those close to me. Instead the following references are used:

Dogwood: Daddy, Hubby, Lover, Leader, Rock, (nice bum).

Flame Lily (Me): New Step-mum, New Wife, New to it all, Fiery, Friendly, Fledgeling in oh so many ways. And now a new Mum.

Sunflower: Step-daughter number 1, Fourteen already, Tall, Sunny, Soothing, Bright and Full of Light.

Sweet Pea: Step-daughter number 2, Eleven, Sharp, Shrewd, Sensitive, Skippy.

Baby Girl: Born May 2013 making our household ratio of Girls:Daddy 4:1. We’ll get a boy dog.

NOTE: descriptions are taken only from our good days 🙂

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