Organised? Not really. Juggling? Like a pro!

I was recently asked how do I organise and plan my week? I work on the concept of what’s most pressing and when’s the next slot I have coming up in the week to do said pressing task? I do mental lists, mental calendars, have a moleskine notebook in my handbag, notes on my iphone synched to my MacBook and a kitchen calendar. They give me a warm sense of being organized when the reality is a little more shambolic. But a quick glance at the mental calendar on a Sunday night flags up any birthdays, parties, guests, errands and then the housework gets done in between making the coffee and toast in a morning. I’ve been known to clean the shower whilst in it and pull an all-nighter ironing. Oh and the new kids’ pocket money chores chart is making everyone happy!

Looking forward to watching ‘I Don’t Know How She Does It’… if I have the time!

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